How to get a course run?

General hosting inquiries

Shani Graham (Ecoburbia) 0417 941 991
Stephanie Jennings 0411 293 633

Interested in getting a course delivered in your area?

Firstly consider what course type: Taster Workshop descriptor</ to explore interest, Short Course (4 sessions) Descriptors to grow interest and/or a full course (7 sessions) descriptor to create change and building community. 
Then look at the various templates for requesting quotes: 

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Find facilitators available for giving quotes below.

Western Australia

 Shani 941  991
Stephanie 293 633
 Esther Dawkins LinkedIn 0478 916 956

Steph 293 633
Shani Grahamecoburbia@gmail.com 941  991
 Esther LinkedIn0478 916 956

Laura Baileymrlivingsmart@live.comwww.mrorganicfarmer.com0423 957 788

South Australia

Please contact the SA coordinating team at

Upcoming courses being considered and will be posted up here: 


Valentina Petrone    Email:    0423 886 709 
Areas of interest: Sydney North Shore, Sydney CBD, Sydney Inner West, East Sydney. 


Gavin Hardy   p: 0479 010 428 e: w:

Areas of interest: metro Brisbane


 “Living Smart was a fantastic journey. I met wonderful people, ate great food, swapped and shared goodies, but best of all I learnt a thousand ways to become more sustainable. Each week was fascinating – showing me so many things I didn’t know and providing really simple ways to become more sustainable in my everyday life. It was truly inspirational.”   – Margaret River participant

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